Over the years, cosmoplast have been the top choice for market leading companies in the region. Our quality and service have always helped us to have a sustaining and rewarding relationship with our esteemed clientele. Some of our top clients are

The Novomet Headquarters and manufacturing facilities are located in Perm, which is a two-hour flight from Moscow, Russia.

Novomet was established in 1991 as a stage manufacturer, based on a new technology for the oil and gas industry: powder metallurgy. This technology has shown through the years to have superior performance in extreme environments and has delivered a good return in the form of increased run life for our clients.

Since it first started, the company has been continuously developing and improving. Their customers have recognized their first class products and have awarded them with their business, leading Novomet to become one of the largest ESP manufacturers in Russia. Strategy is based on proprietary technologies for a wide range of applications, focusing on harsh well conditions, including high gas-to-oil ratios, high temperatures, abrasive and corrosive fluids, heavy oil, wells with minimum drift (3.90”), and highly deviated wells.

North Side Company mission is to deliver state-of-the-art technologies for oil and gas production companies.

The principles of the field development where every well has to have uniform injection or production profile and maximum runtime for ultimate reserves development.

North Side technologies are focused on evaluation of the well-reservoir performance and production enhancement.

Oilteam is an independent service provider established in 2010 to provide solutions across various segments of the oil and gas industry:

Early production systems;

Full range of well testing and formation testing operations;

Field development planning and optimization;

Development, fabrication and implementation of oil and gas equipment;

Offshore engineering;

Professional training.